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Tim Maloney

Timothy Maloney is a LA based documentary cinematographer and video producer having shot on 6 continents in over 15 countries. He is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley where he studied media and pioneered video journalism at The San Francisco Chronicle. He took these experiences to Los Angeles where he swiftly moved into editorial, promotional music and commercial video work for the likes of Conde Nast Entertainment, CNN, TIME Magazine, NBC, Gizmodo Media, and The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  An accomplished vérité shooter and documentarian, he specializes in telling cinematic stories in challenging and remote locations where weight and travel restrictions often require customized filming solutions. He commonly works with NGOs, non-profits and foundations seeking to highlight the hard work of those individuals making a positive impact on the environment and social issues. He is a former organizing director and founding member of the LA chapter of the Video Consortium.

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tim [at] timothyrmaloney.com or 559-901-5374