What this all about?

Tim Maloney

Sometimes life can toss us about like a sailboat on the whim of a tide. One thing leads to another and we can find ourselves drifting in intriguing directions we never anticipated. Next thing you know, you're learning things about people, places and yourself you didn’t know you had. I see storytelling as our cultural anchor to reality and identity. It allows us to account for who we are, where we've been and where we're headed. Mine has been one of not just trying to tell better ones but to live a better one.

That commitment itself has led me to some exciting discoveries and hard truths about the world and myself. My path has been an unconventional one. I've done about everything there is in the world of production from major motion picture development to my current path as a freelance shooter, producer and editor. And if this weird unpredictable journey has taught me one thing it's never shy from the truth no matter how hard, embrace the uncertainties, and don't forget to live while you're living it. Oh and there's nothing a little bit of gaff tape won't fix along the way.

Let’s cut through the noise and make something extraordinary together! ✊🏻

tim [at] timothyrmaloney.com or 559-901-5374